Public Safety

When out in the community, public safety is the #1 topic of questions and concerns. As your county leader, I have turned the helplessness I felt after losing two sons to senseless gun violence into activism and work to propose and deliver initiatives that contribute to keeping our children, friends, family, and loved ones safer. I work closely with the Durham County Sheriff’s Office on community engagement programs addressing public safety, gun violence, and crime prevention.


increase in guns either seized or voluntarily surrendered from 2021-2022
0 %

Reestablished a revitalized Crime Cabinet, composed of community contributors with experience in anti-violence and crime prevention, created to develop new ideas for significantly decreasing violent crime in Durham.

Worked with the City of Durham to allocate an additional $1M in funding for Bull City United, a community-based gun violence intervention program that aims to stop the cycle of shootings and retaliations through street outreach, conflict mediation, and social support


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