For the last 15 years of service, education has been one of my main priorities. As a single mother of four, I know first-hand how vital access to quality education is. I have invested in our students, teachers, and facilities. 

In 2023, the Board of County Commissioners passed a $188M education budget to improve our school system’s facilities, teachers and staff, and educational tools. These dollars will be critical in hiring and retaining excellent teachers and staff by increasing pay and benefits. This budget demonstrates a commitment to our students by increasing pre-K funding. Additionally, this budget will provide resources to help close the learning gap during COVID-19.

I stand firm in my commitment to advocate for public schools, students, families, teachers, and facilities. A strong education gives our children and youth the tools they need to thrive.


General Obligation Bond Referendum Passed (the largest bond ever placed before Durham County voters)
$ 0 M
Provided in annual funding to Durham Public Schools
$ 0 M

Partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs to increase tutoring services, including an initiative that collaborates with Durham County Library operations to expand homework help through in-person and remote learning options


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